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Streamtime - Free as a fish

Haan al-Irsaal (Arabic for Streamtime), was born in the spring of 2004 when in the attic of Cultural Political centre De Balie in Amsterdam two journalists and a hacker joined their forces with the purpose to promote independent, free speech web-radio and blogging from war-torn Iraq and its Diaspora.

The Streamtime project was lead by Cecile Landman, Jaromil, Jo van der Spek and Michel of Radio Lora.
To know more about it, read on Linux.com (EN), Nettime (EN), De Nieuwe Reporter (NL), PazLab (IT), Sourceforge / OpenTech (JP) and Incommunicado.

Today and after many years, Streamtime consists of a rich collection of on-line sound recordings collected between 2004 and 2010, some rather complex memories, huge archives stored off-line and a network of good friends. It is a unique narration about the many Iraqi bloggers who where online since the beginning of the war in Iraq.

We focused on a cultural sense of finding our own way in the quagmire that is Iraq, and its representation in the global media. We don't try to change politics in order to foster cultural change; we support cultural manifestation in order to force political change.

We imagine improvised expressive devices like a CD that turns your PC into an on line streaming studio. Imagine a mob that creates a traffic jam. Think of the religious policeman in London, the konfused kollege kid and the jealous dentist in Baghdad and the jailed blogger in Cairo. Building autonomous networks in extreme conditions.